Introducing the first of the Song Weaver series

Nushka, a duke’s daughter, is caught between the need to fulfill her duty and the echoes of a savage past that awaken an ancient gift within. Nushka’s new talent may be unsuited to polite society but it might be the only thing that can ultimately save her family. Does she hold the key to the future of the kingdom?

Royal blood be true
when hope is lost
then find the mountain's heart

“The fat bee circled lazily around the flowers in the window and then, as if even flying was too much effort in the afternoon heat, dropped slowly down and out of Nushka’s view. Nushka wished she could escape the afternoon’s lesson as easily. She contemplated the drop from the castle window and the hard stones below and decided that sticking with the lesson was the best option, for now. If only she had some wings.”

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